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Showing the total of the loaded time of the page

If you want to see the total loaded time for any page to compare the time between the first and second time you can use this command 


curl -L --output /dev/null --silent --show-error --write-out 'lookup:        %{time_namelookup}\nconnect:    %{time_connect}\nappconnect:    %{time_appconnect}\npretransfer:   %{time_pretransfer}\nredirect:      %{time_redirect}\nstarttransfer: %{time_starttransfer}\ntotal:      %{time_total}\n' ''

Disable Smile-SA / Elasticsuite

We can disable Disable Smile-SA / Elasticsuite in Magento by executing this command 

php bin/magento modeul:disable Smile_ElasticsuiteCore Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalog Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalogGraphQl Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalogRule Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalogOptimizer Smile_ElasticsuiteTracker Smile_ElasticsuiteThesaurus Smile_ElasticsuiteSwatches Smile_ElasticsuiteIndices Smile_ElasticsuiteVirtualCategory

to install the needed plugins you need to execute this command 


How to apply the Magento 2 patches?

Most of Magento developer want to know exactly how they should apply the security patches on their websites

in this article we are going to talk about *.patch files

There are two ways to do this

1- using  git command

git apply patch_filename.patch


2- using patch command

patch -p1 < patch_filename.patch


I hope this will be useful for you